The jackpots that players can earn whenever they play at online casinos make signing up with these websites more interesting and rewarding. It’s common for many online casinos to offer rather generous prizes for the lucky players. Rewards could range from a few thousand to even millions of dollars. Many people, who have had that stroke of luck in one of their online gambling sessions, have found their lives changed overnight by just a single casino jackpot win.

One of the things that most casino players aren’t aware of is that to trigger the jackpot prize, they will need to make the maximum bet. A lot of people often lose the chance to win the jackpot by simply betting only the minimum on progressive games.

Many of the games where jackpot gets triggered by specific symbol combinations will require the maximum bet to be placed to make that trigger and for the jackpot to get hit.

Besides, even when a player hits the required number of symbols but doesn’t make the maximum bet, the jackpot still will not be triggered— and that is one chance lost you will never get back. With this, you will still get a prize, but expect that the figures will be smaller.

A good example is when you play the Cleopatra slots online. The game features a jackpot that starts at $1.5 million. A player that hits the five Mega Jackpots on the reel and the maximum amount has been wagered, will get the jackpot of over $3 million, will be yours. If you only ended up making a minimum bet, what you will get is only $10,000. Sure, people would argue that this is still one impressive amount. However, compared to the $3 million you could have won if you made for the maximum bet, the money you got is significantly smaller.

There are also progressive jackpots that you can find at online casinos where the prize is based on the bonus round outcomes. For instance, in Mega Moolah, which is an offering from Microgaming, a player will need to spin the prize wheel first to win. The wheel will have three levels. Every successful spin will bring a player close to the jackpot. In the event that the player is not lucky enough to secure a successful spin, he will still get a prize, but it will be one of the smaller prizes that are on offer.

If you are playing a progressive jackpot game that is not based on slots, it’s very common for online casinos to require players to first make a side bet. This is used to contribute to the overall pool prize for the game. This is also what will qualify a player into the competition.

For games like baccarat, video poker, and blackjack, expect that the prize will be triggered the moment a player has been dealt with certain hands or cards. Players who have successfully obtained a qualifying hand but ended up not making the side bet will not be rewarded the jackpot.

When playing progressive games, select ones that are well within the budget. Make sure that the bets are affordable enough for you. make sure too that you can easily cover the maximum wagering amount and you have familiarized yourself with the various jackpot triggers to help you get a much higher chance at winning the very handsome rewards and prizes.

By Erin