If you’re interested in playing baccarat, you’ll first need to learn the various strategies and tactics that it involves. While you can just play the game by feel, based on what you have understood about its rules, if you aim to enjoy some profit, you need strategies.

They are, after all, what will help you sort out the confusion. It helps keep you focused on the game and its rules while making sure that you follow those to the tee. Baccarat offers a whole host of strategies you can employ during the game. Whether you’re playing online or in a land-based casino, familiarizing yourself with these strategies would be immensely helpful.

Perhaps the most popular among the many baccarat strategies out there is the method called card counting. This is something that many casino players who have indulged in baccarat are quite familiar with. This can be quite a challenge to incorporate in a baccarat game because it usually involves several card decks. The decks of cards used in a card game are also referred to as a shoe. In most casinos, it is common to involve eight decks in a single shoe.

Whether card counting makes for a good and effective strategy or not remains debatable, as many people who have tried it before all have conflicting opinions about how effective it is. However, it isn’t something that beginners should attempt to do.

After all, anybody caught doing the strategy may bring about some not so positive reaction from the rest of the players. It requires subtlety and stealth if you are to employ it in a game. So, if you are still new and are still learning, it is best to practice your card counting skills first and use it later on when you’ve become a more polished player.

Another system worth looking into is the 1-3-2-6 strategy. Punters will love this strategy due to how it only requires them to take the risk of two wagering units to get the chance of successfully winning ten. The amount of investment involved in this strategy is quite minimal but the rewards that will await you if you do succeed are quite attractive. It isn’t a simple strategy to master, however, and done that requires constant practice. In this strategy, the first bet you make will be a single unit.

If it ends up becoming successful, you can just add one more unit to bring the total to three. If you will continue winning, you’ll get to six units. On the third bet, you take away four so you’ll have two units left when making the third bet. If it is still going to be a successful wager, you have the option to put two more units, which will leave you with six. If the fourth bet is still going to be successful, you’ll end up with 12 units. In this game, a profit of more than ten would be excellent. 

In this strategy though, losing the first bet means losing a single unit. Winning the first bet and then losing the next will lead to a two-unit loss. Winning the second bet but losing the third will lead you to earn a profit of two units.

If you end up winning all of the first initial bets but weren’t so lucky on the fourth, you have broken even. While it is hard to master these strategies, you can start by incorporating it little by little as you play the game more. There are online casinos that can offer a free play version of baccarat.

You can try working on your strategies in these types of games. These games are risk-free as no actual bets will be involved so it would be an ideal method to pursue if you want to master your baccarat strategies.

By Erin